Designing a lookbook can be challenging, as each personality has to be expressed while the brochure should be neutral and unified in its design. This brochure was made for costume makers and designers.
This project was done in collaboration with another designer. Collaboration helps being more efficient and often brings diiferent style an more innovative ideas together. These were great assets to the brochure.
We first started by producing three different layout each, we then took what we and the client liked from each one of them, in order to create a final version that would answer our expectations.
We applied a very straight and clear layout as the pictures should clearly display the costumes. The description as well as the costume designer’s name should be easy to find and read.
As the title is ‘Another World’, we made the titles bouncing as if the type was in space, weightlessness. Each page also has circles of colours that refers direclty to the costume, in order to make it slightly personalised, while keeping a unicity thoughout the brochure.
Date: 2018
Collaboration: Harry Richards 
Software: Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator

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